Applying for Jobs after your Ostomy Surgery

Applying for jobs after ostomy surgery

Being ill and applying for jobs is high up on my list of things I don’t like doing; mainly because I always feel judged on the fact I had been ill for such a long time and had spent an awful lot of time in and out of hospital, rather than how well suited I am to the job or how qualified I am.

But sometimes you know when your body is going into a flare before it happens and can talk to your employer or better yet your GP or specialist. I tend to have had pretty good employers when it came down to sickness as it was for the same thing and not something I could just not get sick with. In fact my very first job interview was from a hospital bed! It was to work in the patients kitchens and the manager was a friend of my dad’s. Another thing that can go in your favour is being out of hospital for longer periods of time as your physical health stabilises be it from medication or surgery.

Which brings me nicely along to applying for jobs after surgery or even telling your employer about your ostomy. Now let’s face it nobody really needs to know about it but I suggest telling at least one person about it, as it maybe helpful for instance if you are suffering from a blockage or watery output. You definitely need to be honest about it on any health questionnaires you do for work as that ensures you are covered by their insurance.

You cannot be passed over on a job purely on the basis of you having an ostomy, this is a breach of disability law. Now you may or may not see your ostomy as a disability but it is in the fact you may need extra help/facilities when using the toilet but doesn’t stop you from anything else.

I should think most or I should like to think most employers would prefer you to be honest and let them know that you have been sick and that you have fought and overcome to the best of your abilities which shows your resilience and your determination. I have never not gotten a job on the grounds that I had an incurable disease or my stoma or never felt like I have anyway!

Have you any tips that you have found helpful with applying for jobs be it whilst being sick or after having ostomy surgery?