A Little Baby Announcement

A little baby announcement

So as you may have known I have been pregnant with Baby Button and maybe interested that he has arrived! Well it’s the only exciting news I have to tell people! After being admitted for a week prior to his birth he was looked forward to more than before! So please read on to find out about my little bundle of joy.

Our little baby boy Jacob Terrence Simpson born at 11:26 am on Monday 5th June to the song +44 – “When Your Heart Stops Beating” (much nicer song than it sounds I promise!) he was born by caesarean section which was a bit more traumatic that I would have liked I wrote about that on my blog.

He is our second child our first being Lyra-Beth aka Ra-Ra (Big Boss Man Nozar’s best mate :D) and our last as two children is all 00Steve and I talked about. Ra-Ra was heavily involved in our pregnancy; she picked his name out of a couple of choices, picked the first items for him (before we knew the sex) helped build his bedroom furniture (she proudly calls herself “fixer girl”) sing to my bump and told my bump about herself.

Once our baby was born she peered round the bay curtain and grinned from ear to ear when she saw him. She is so unbelievably proud to be a big sister and that makes both mine and 00Steve’s heart burst with joy. She has helped feed him, change him, bathe him and she sings “twinkle twinkle” to him when he cries. Proper heart melting stuff or at least it is for me!

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From an ostomy point of view since giving birth my stoma sits quite flush with my skin a tiny bit more than before pregnancy and shrunk back down pretty quickly. In fact it seems to have shrunk a bit more! I was lucky enough that my stoma nurse team got in touch with those at the hospital I was at to come and have a look straight after the birth. I just need to see my team again as the post partum belly is not an easy one to place a stoma bag onto! Especially when you have had a baby bump for so long that is tight! It does hurt slightly on the inside after I have eaten which could be down to the retraction but once my tummy goes back to normal I’m sure that will sort itself out.

This post actually times in quite nicely with next weeks Let’s Be Ostomates series in which a friend from the States talks about his fertility fears and how having a stoma could affect him having a baby with his wife.

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