Being “Healthy” Person Sick When You Are Chronically Sick

healthy person sick whilst chronically sick

If you are chronically sick for whatever reason you start to become “used” to it, your pain thresholds become higher and the aches or other symptoms can become less noticeable. Then you get “healthy” person sick and everything changes, I wanted to call this “normal” person sick but what is normal in this day and age anyways? Besides jut because we are chronically sick doesn’t mean we are any less normal than the next person, it just becomes a different kind of normal.

You realise just how easily your body fatigues and your immune system has weakened either through medication, lack of nutrients as your body may fight against healthier food or surgery. I myself can deal with a fair bit of pain, extreme aches and fatigue as it has been the day to day dealings for over 20 years, but when I catch a cold or another viral infection it knocks me for six!

For instance I will have colds and coughs that last for 3 weeks at a time, leaving me with increased fatigue and feeling pretty darn pathetic; I would liken the feelings to how someone who is pretty darn healthy getting the flu. Even people that get D+V or tummy bugs don’t suffer it as long as myself or other ostomates for instance will, mainly due to a compromised immune system or being unable to control the watery output which flushes out the much needed electrolytes, which leaves the body in a weakened state whilst you are trying to recuperate. I had to be admitted due to gastroenteritis recently as my body became dehydrated, mineral levels dropped and my output increased higher than my input.

We can try to follow the common sense rules of washing our hands, eating more healthy foods to keep our vitamin levels up and drinking plenty but it can feel like it is all in vain sometimes. Are we just at a constant disadvantage or are there better ways of boosting what immune system we have?

Do you find that when you are “healthy” person sick you find it harder to deal with? What are your tips for getting through the infection ridden winter?