Buttony the Travelling Bear

buttony the travelling bear

Carrying on from last weeks post on I.C.O.E.F I thought I would talk about the other options out there to help with either your child coming to terms with having an ostomy or you having one. This week we are looking at Buttony Bear who has his own very active Twitter account! 

What I love about Buttony is that he is so life a Steiff bear that I coveted over as a child but never had pockets laden with cash! A Bear named Buttony was created to offer comfort to children having or had ostomy surgery. The stoma that he has is unlike any other ostomy product out there… it’s a button!! I as a child used teddies as friends and took a lot of solace in having something physical there when my parents couldn’t be.

a bear named buttony

My daughter loves her Button as she calls him and really enjoyed the fact we took him to Porthleven for our family holiday (heck she has told me I have to take him to Paris with me) and we were able to tag him on his Twitter; where you can see all the wonderful places Buttony gets to go around the world .

We also received a birthday card for him written by school children – which gave us the sense of a community and it also must be raising awareness which is only a good thing; especially with children which hopefully will prevent prejudice and discrimination before it has chance to grow.

A Bear called Buttony is part of the Breakaway Foundation is the only UK wide charity for children up to the age of 18 to provide support and remind children with bladder/bowel diversions and or dysfunctions that life doesn’t have to stop and they hold events that they can meet others in similar situations.

If you have any questions please head on over to their Facebook page.