Christmas Delivery Dates 2019

Christmas Delivery Dates 2019

I know we still have a few weeks away to the big C but nobody wants to get caught short over the Christmas period with their supplies so again this year I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know in one place rather than having to go and search sites as I have done the leg work for you!

However this was actually far more difficult than it should be as I started researching the dates on the 16th of November and only one website actually had the dates up on the website which in my opinion is appalling because you may end up missing the dates if you don’t think ahead. Yet thinking ahead proved a bust for me with this and I rang up the companies on the 18th as they all seemed to be closed over the weekend.

Charter – Friday 6th December

Securicare – delivering up until 23rd December – they when I made my monthly order said they suggest 10 days before you need it…

Respond – only closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day – they are delivering up until Christmas Eve

Medilink – Monday 16th December

Fittleworth – only closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day – they are delivering up until Christmas Eve

Bullen – Monday 16th December

I have stuck with the more well known companies so I apologise if yours isn’t on here but if it isn’t I urge you to give them a tinkle just so you can keep control of one thing around the busiest time of year! Let’s face it is there a busier time than Christmas? If you do use a different company please let me know and I will update this list either with information you give me or I can find it out. Please note to any outside of the United Kingdom readers your dates will be different because this post only applies to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Here are a couple of my top tips for ordering Christmas supplies:

  • only order a box two maximum over what you would normally get
  • make sure to include any complimentary items – if the shops are shut its not like you can use dog poop bags as an emergency!
  • Don’t over order we do have the NHS to think of and this is the easiest way to do our bit