Christmas With An Ostomy

christmas with an ostomy

Whether it is your first Christmas or you are seasoned to being an ostomate some things may worry or even scare you! Here are my top tips for surviving the festive season.

  1. Totally make sure you have enough supplies to last. Now this doesn’t have to be loads of supplies and you may be able to get a box or an item from your stoma care nurses depending on your hospitals guidelines. But leaks have the annoying habit of happening when it is particularly awkward and you don’t want to be caught short! This leads me onto my next tip!
  2. Keep some spare supplies for a change in your bag or car in case of the dreaded itch! Now not all leaks are slow burners but if you have something to change into and your supplies at the ready.
  3. If you worry about odour and visiting friends and family or them visiting you even; I strongly suggest using a deodoriser either in your bag or in the toilet. I also use peppermint oil capsules however they have been prescribed to me to help with the amount of gas I produce but they make my output smell like mint. Before taking things like this check with your GP
  4. Listen to your body! Especially if you like to have a bit more than a tipple as trying to empty your bag or change it if necessary when drunk is pretty awkward (yes I have learnt this the hard way) I have also been told that having a dioarlyte before you go out, when you get back and again in the morning helps prevent you from getting too dehydrated as it replaces electrolytes.
  5. If you are worried about what to eat at Christmas that wont cause you a blockage, I suggest trying small amounts in the run up and see how it makes you feel. Obviously chewing things well aids digestion and prevents blockages.
  6. If you haven’t been out of hospital long please remember that your body has been through a lot so maybe hold off dancing on tables just yet! If you need to rest just rest no one has any right to make you feel any different.
  7. Most of all have fun! Just because you have a stoma shouldn’t stop you from enjoying yourself!

Do you have any tips for ostomates this Christmas? If you would like to read about my first Christmas you can here.