Chronic Fatigue

chronic fatigue

Do you feel constantly tired but aren’t anaemic, like your body is heavy, things that should be easy are ten times harder? Well you may have fatigue, this is common amongst ostomates especially ileostomates as having no colon means that your body doesn’t absorb fluids, and nutrients as easy as it did before.

For instance I was once told the colon or large bowel is like an internal wringing machine, like you would wring the water out of a face cloth the colons job was to wring the fluid out of your stool and allow it to be reabsorbed back into the body. Losing this organ or even part of it can make a big difference to how you feel within yourself.

A lot of medications have different coatings on which breakdown in different areas of your body and some of your tablets that would usually have helped may not be able to get into your system from not having certain areas of your anatomy. This could be contributing towards your fatigue if it is a vitamin based tablet. As having a diet rich in fatty oils, vitamins and minerals helps keep our bodies chemicals in check.

Also not having enough electrolytes can also be a main factor in the fatigue vicious circle; for instance you drink plenty but still don’t feel that you feel like you have more energy (your brain needs the hydration to feel like it’s energised) that is probably because if you aren’t drinking a varied amount of fluids let alone enough you can be flushing the electrolytes out of your system. So I was told water is fine in smaller amounts but you can add squash to it as your body clings onto the juice longer which allows you to get the benefit. A couple of things that can help you in this situation are having dioralyte (or if you can stomach it St Mark’s Solution) but we need to have at least 2 sachets in a glass of water, isotonic sports drinks are great in a pinch and you can get them from practically any shop they can be slightly high on the calorie side so I don’t suggest solely drinking them either.

Obviously being well rested or knowing when to give your body a break is also imperative to how your body deals with fatigue and that is pretty simple as we have all probably heard the phrase “burning the candle at both ends”, I can also vouch for doing some form of exercise be it simple as walking can help with fatigue; I honestly feel less fatigued when I take part in regular exercise (until my joints scream at me at least) I also have heard a quote that really resonates with the way fatigue makes me and others feel and you may have seen it on social media – “I’m not an early bird or a night owl, I’m more of an exhausted pigeon!”

How do you deal with fatigue or are you lucky and don’t suffer it all?