Comfizz Say “Pants To Hernias”

Small family business Comfizz, launch big national campaign at the annual stoma and colorectal nurses conference (ASCN) in Bournmouth Sept 27-29th. The campaign is called ‘Pants To Hernias’ and the aim is to reduce the incidence of hernias in ostomates who are at high risk of this all to common complication. Comfizz are collaborating with stoma nurses, providing literature and evidence for the benefits of support wear as a preventative tool.

Any nurse who joins the campaign will receive all the samples, literature and support they need from Comfizz PLUS access to a free waistband for every stoma patient they see. This way no one leaves hospital without understanding the risks and what they can do to protect themselves.

Support wear is such a cost effective and simple tool, gone are the days when you wait to develop a hernia then try to manage it with a heavy support garment. Soft light and ultra comfortable garments are the way forward for prevention.

The ASCN is an essential conference for nurses to learn from each other, gain knowledge about latest research and share good practise. Over 460 nurses attended the conference, but not all of them can get to every stand, so if you are still in touch with your stoma nurse then let her know about the ‘Pants To Hernias’ campaign. Comfizz would like to thank all the nurses who have joined the campaign so far, the response has been extremely positive, and as a result there is going to be a large number of patients safely in support wear that otherwise might not have been.


Hollister & Comfizzresearch_findings_thumb

Parastomal Hernia Prevention Program – ABSTRACT     Oct 2013
Trial conducted by Jacqui North clinincal Nurse Specialist, Colorectal & Stoma Care


This study has clearly demonstrated the benefits of wearing Comfizz in reducing the risks of developing a hernia.
It also shows the importance of early intervention and follow up with a specialist nurse, who can give appropriate advice and support.

The full article is to be printed in the BJN (British Journal Of Nursing)
The most up-to-date clinically focused journal available to nurses. It is applicable to all nurses in all specialties.



Here are a few photos from our colourful exhibition stand

13 thoughts on “Comfizz Say “Pants To Hernias”

    • lorraine says:

      Hi Rachel
      Sounds like you have a lot to deal with Rachel. We can look at possibly layering different levels of the support wear to achieve the comfort you are looking for. Please call our office on 0113 266 2096 and have a chat to see what we can do for you.

    • lorraine says:

      Hi Dianne
      In order to get sufficient support for a hernia, we generally recommend a level 2 or level 3 garment which are firmer than the level 1 waistband. However, dependant on how big your hernia is you may still find some relief, especially at night. If you’ve never tried any Comfizz garments, then the waistband is the simplest introduction. There is also the option to combine a vest and brief set together which gives excellent support and looks stylish too. If you need further advice just give us a call Mon-Fri 9-5pm on 0113 266 2096

    • lorraine says:

      Absolutely Margaret. We designed them originally for my dad who has an ileostomy

    • lorraine says:

      If you are a new customer to Comfizz Patricia, then you can have one waistband to try. Just add to basket then put the voucher code ‘newcustomergift’ at checkout and it will remove the cost of the waistband. If you need any further assistance just contact the office 01132662096

  1. Katy Dove says:

    Love the fabric so comfy and doesn’t, roll up, unfortunately, I got the 10 inch when I should have had the seven, but it is so soft I will keep it and just roll it up under the bottom of the bag thank you

    • lorraine says:

      You can get a 7″ waistband on prescription if you want. Just go to the garment of your choice on the website and then click on the green cross. This will open up a prescription request form. Fill this in and submit, we’ll do the rest. This is a completely free service. Hope that helps. You can also try other garments on prescription too.

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