Mental Health Can Affect Anyone

Mental Health Can Affect Anyone

As we all know many different aspects of mental health can affect us all for a number of reasons and may be with us for a short time or forever. It can be something we seek help for or manage on our own, but no matter how, what, where, who or why mental health should be talked about.

I myself have struggled for most of my life with a variety of mental health issues some which have been resolved and others that are a constant daily battle. I know as long as I keep fighting through and take each day as it comes when I feel suicidal I will be okay but I live through my husband and my kids.

But what if these things aren’t enough or your mental health struggles are just too much to muddle on with? What if the mental health services that are there to help you either aren’t enough or pretty much abandon you? This happens all too often and here at Comfizz we have had first hand experience with this.

Our beloved Megan who when I first got my ileostomy manned the social media accounts and would do her utmost to ensure every person was treated with dignity and respect they deserved; hand written notes were included with items she dealt with personally and was always so kind and understanding to the point she would go above and beyond for people she didn’t know.

Sadly she has always been affected by mental health and has taken each day as it came; but as with all of us something just needs to trigger you and no matter how small, trivial or large and soul crushing it is can lead you into a downward spiral. It was a sad time for the Comfizz family when Lorraine (big boss lady 🙂 ) lost  her mum, This is beyond my comprehension as I still have both my parents but I can understand losing a grandparent especially one you are close too. In the same year I lost my great grandad and my grandad both who were huge influences in my life then a few years later I lost my great nana who was our strong matriarch.

This obviously hit Megan hard. She has dealt with so much in her life and I’m going to take a guess that it was something that tipped her struggles. She wrote a blog post for a mental health website and because she has been honest about the care she has received it was removed. Which in my mind is absolutely appalling we need to know the good, the bad and the ugly sides of everything because how on earth can any service or anyone improve if we don’t know our mistakes so we can learn from them? I am proud to have Megan in my life we may not speak as much but I’d like to think she knows I am always a text away – sadly an hours drive away but still a text away.

Thankfully after many discussions her blog is back live and under a pseudonym but if you want to read it please click here.

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