Pumpkin Ostomy Awareness!

Pumpkin Ostomy Awareness!

A year or so ago I decided to raise awareness for ostomies (for World IBD Day) by sticking ostomy bags to statues around where I live which you can read about here. The same year I believe I stuck a bag on my carved pumpkin which made for a good talking point for people when they came to our house; this is something easy we could all do and create awareness whilst having a bit of fun.

I am going to do that again this year too with some of the bag samples that I didn’t get on with. I also aim to “osto bomb” some of our local places of interest with some decorated bags with ghosts and maybe even a pumpkin or two. Over the last few years I have seen some super creative pumpkins some with clear bags and the flesh and seeds added into the bag or more illness specific ones.

Not everyone is that creative I definitely am not creative so my pumpkin was a very standard spooky face with a bag attached as you can see in the picture! I am hoping to do a slightly better attempt this year and add it to my garden (00Steve’s takes pride of place by our front door because his are insanely good) Have you seen the pumpkins across social media that people have done for example the American hospital departments such as the maternity and emergency room ones?

I and I’m sure the rest of the Comfizz team would LOVE to see your ostomy pumpkin if you join in please feel free to tag us in it! Also on a more eco friendly note you can put your pumpkins at the bottom of your garden for wildlife to munch on or check local Facebook groups for people wanting them for chickens or other animals to munch on.

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