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Is there anything I can do to eliminate ostomy odour?

One of the top concerns for pre surgery is the thought of having a stoma bag and it smelling offensive to others. Lets keep it real here, the contents of anyone's bag and what comes out of your typical exit if you didn’t need an ostomy does most certainly not smell of roses!!!! Some press coverage of influential people have seen jokes made referring to bad smells meaning they must have an ostomy. It is narrow minded, offensive, and discriminating towards ostomates. Having a stoma is not a choice easily made, if it even is a choice in the first place when some wake up to find they have one through emergency surgeries, and up until then did not know...


Amy talks about the struggles of having an ostomy

I'm Amy & for those of you who don't know me, I am part of team Comfizz. My job is all things social media & marketing, with a bit of customer care thrown in too, answering your calls & queries! I've nearly been in my Comfizz role for a year now (time flies, right?) I am a seasoned ostomate, having had my permanent ileostomy formed in 2011 due to Crohn's Disease & a large, benign tumour, the size of a watermelon which nearly cost me my life. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at age 7, but had symptoms from as young as I can remember & my Uncle also had Ulcerative Colitis and had had a stoma for around...


Can you share your tips for getting used to ostomy life?

This for me is most important. Connecting with other ostomates is what got me through the first few months of ostomy life. I already had a son who’s ostomy I had been managing for 5 years. Despite this, I found having one myself completely different. When I woke from surgery I was almost repulsed by my stoma. That may sound extreme and believe me when I say I am not averse to stomas, they save lives and I asked for stoma surgery. Yet my initial reaction was to be horrified.


Christmas food with a stoma

With Christmas being so close (it's Christmas Day in just a few days), it can be a time of anxiety and apprehension if you have an ostomy, especially if you're new to the ostomy world & this is your first ostomy Christmas. Daily routines change & everything gets mixed up, you forget what day it is & can find the changes hard, especially trying to navigate them with a stoma.


What are 5 common ostomy challenges?

Whether you're new to ostomy life or whether you've had an ostomy for a few years, several years or more, it's normal to come across things that you may find a little more difficult to navigate. It's also normal to also find some things challenge. Not everyone experiences the same challenges but at the same time, no ostomy is the same from person to person. Everyone experiences ostomy life differently.


Dealing with winter colds with an ostomy

Winter brings about many changes, some welcome, some not so much. I love nothing more than lighting every candle in the house, my twinkly tree on, the dark nights and watching GoggleBox on the telly under a throw with the family. But what does it mean for us ostomates? As we all know, we are all so different in the reason why we got a ticket to the club, and what impact that has on our wider health. For some the arrival of Winter may not change that much, for others it can present the need to adapt and tweak a few different things.