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Can you eat nuts with an ostomy?

After ostomy surgery, it can feel super overwhelming when it comes to what you should and shouldn't eat. It's important to remember that whilst following medical advice is vital, a lot of what we are told are general guidelines. No two people who have had ostomy surgery are the same and a lot of it comes to getting to know your body with an ostomy as time passes & a lot of the time, what affects your ostomy may not affect others and vice versa. In this blog post, we will mainly be referring to an ileostomy and colostomy when we use the term "ostomy", although we will briefly refer to a urostomy too and we will state this when...


Can you share your tips for getting used to ostomy life?

This for me is most important. Connecting with other ostomates is what got me through the first few months of ostomy life. I already had a son who’s ostomy I had been managing for 5 years. Despite this, I found having one myself completely different. When I woke from surgery I was almost repulsed by my stoma. That may sound extreme and believe me when I say I am not averse to stomas, they save lives and I asked for stoma surgery. Yet my initial reaction was to be horrified.


Veganuary with a stoma: How do you eliminate all food derived from animals?

Many ostomates, including Amy here at Comfizz, worry about eating fruit or vegetables, mainly down to its fibre contents. The same can be said for foods such as lentils, beans, tough skins. The idea of having a vegan diet often feels like swearing to ostomates, but there are ostomates out there who are vegan. A vegan diet isn't impossible with an ostomy, but it may take more time and energy to get it right and involve trial and error.


Self-love month: How do you practice body neutrality?

January is self-love month. Self-love means different things to different people but it's based around having a great appreciation for yourself and doing things in your life to nurture this and encourage physical, emotional and spiritual growth. I'm sure, if you're a social media user, that you frequently see social media channels flooded with self-love quotes, mantras and people telling you to "love yourself", but in reality, it often isn't that easy


What are 5 common ostomy challenges?

Whether you're new to ostomy life or whether you've had an ostomy for a few years, several years or more, it's normal to come across things that you may find a little more difficult to navigate. It's also normal to also find some things challenge. Not everyone experiences the same challenges but at the same time, no ostomy is the same from person to person. Everyone experiences ostomy life differently.


What priceless things are on your Christmas wish list as an ostomate?

As Christmas draws near (where has that year gone?!), for a lot of people, it's not about wanting material things for Christmas. It's about time with loved ones, making memories and for some, it's even wishing for things that money can't buy or even wishing for things that don't exist. On that note, Amy is going to tell you what 5 things she would put on her Christmas list as an ostomate.