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Holidaying as an ostomate

I’m back again guys following a lovely holiday with my family! We have always stayed in the UK since we had our baby ostomate now 5 years old, so current circumstances haven’t made any difference to us choosing to visit the beautiful Exmouth in Devon. Despite a few wet days at the start, parts of the UK entered a heatwave with temperatures entering late 20s/early 30s. This was my first holiday as an ostomate, but going on staycations for five years with my little one Jake meant you would think there wouldn’t be many surprises. I felt pretty organised with the only difference being myself to care for during bag leaks, hoping that Jakes stoma didn’t feel left out and...


Pole dancing traveller with a J Pouch

I have a guest post this week from Rio; she got in touch with me wanting to share her story and I thought it would be a good idea to share it here as surgery is surgery! Are you thinking about having or a have a jpouch? I don’t have many positive things to say about when I had mine so I thought this post is absolutely perfect and will put your worries to bed! The Beginning My story starts at the beginning of 2009 when I started having symptoms of what I now know to be Ulcerative Colitis. It was my first year of University and I was living away from home in halls. I suddenly got ill with...


Backpacking with an Ostomy?

Yes! Backpacking with an ostomy! I didn’t think it could be easily achieved with an ostomy but two of my friends have both gone off into the unknown and I asked them about what it was like for them and did they have to take anything special or take certain precautions. We are seeing more and more younger ostomates who want to go travelling, see the world and test their boundaries; we also have older ostomates who finally feel well enough to do the same. Read on intrepid explorers to find out their top tips!  First of all we have Mark who talked about his ostomy journey last year. who literally sold his London flat to fund his travels and has been actually living...