Will Comfizz garments restrict the flow of my stoma?

No, Comfizz will provide light support, helping to hold the weight of your bag as it fills without restricting the flow in any way.

Why is there no fly hole in the boxers?

Any opening will present a weak point and the garment will lose its’ support element. You can stretch the leg opening.

Is there a pocket inside?

No, restricting the bag within a pocket can restrict freedom of movement which this fabric allows.

Will they make me sweat?

The fabric is breathable and will allow moisture to escape, leaving you dry and comfortable.

How long is it safe for me to wear them?

All day and can be worn through the night as well to keep bag secure if required.

Will they support my hernia?

Can give light support to small hernias, but for strenuous activity or for larger hernias it is recommended you wear heavier support.

Will the waistband roll up?

No if positioned above crease of leg, and correct size is worn. (Too small, may roll)

Can they be worn for swimming?

Yes you can either choose our specially designed swimwear garments or use your light or medium support garment underneath your regular swimwear. Please note this fabric is not Chlorine resistant and so prolonged use in Chlorinated pools will shorten the life of the garment.

Can I cut a hole in the front for the bag to come through?

No, any opening will present a weak point and the garment will lose its support element.

Do I wear them over or under my stoma?

All garments are high waisted, designed to sit over the stoma site.

Can I buy more garments if I've had my prescription quota?

Yes, simply purchase via our online shop or contact us with your order.

Still have a question?

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