Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Comfizz Team

Nozar Alikhanizadeh

Managing Director

All round good guy that gets things done.

Comfizz Team

Lorraine Alikhanizadeh

Marketing Director

A woman with big dreams, to help folks reach their potential.

Comfizz Team

Charlie Collings

Sales Representative

Educating the country on the benefits of Comfizz. Look out for Charlie at your event or better still invite her along!

Comfizz Team

Omeed Alikhanizadeh

Business and Product Development Master

Ideas man who does a lot of unseen work behind the scenes towards our growth.

Comfizz Team

Nicolle Mintilana

Finance Manager

Cool, and calmly keeping us on the straight and narrow financially.

Comfizz Team

Ernie Millington

It All Started Here!

He supplied the problem for us to find a solution for. If it wasn’t for Ernies’ ostomy, we wouldn’t be here.

Comfizz Team

April Dickinson

Office & Warehouse Coordinator

Keeps the Comfizz ship sailing, processing all orders, answering calls, managing our warehouse and also part of the social media crew.

Comfizz Team

Mike Millington

Video and Graphics Designer

Brings creative flare with a smile to all our platforms.

Comfizz Team

Amy Owst

Social Media & Marketing Specialist

A proud ostomy warrior sharing tips to help & educate as many as possible. Loves singing, shopping, strolling with her husband & dog, along side all things social media, writing many of our blog posts & marketing! You can keep up to date with Amy on Instagram: @ibdwarriorprincess.

Comfizz Team

Anthony Andrews


Sharing tips, insights and experiences of having a stoma and showing that having a stoma can be life changing for the better. Keep up to date with Ant over on Instagram: @ibdlife

Comfizz Team

Rachel Allen


Raising awareness & writing blogs for all things ostomy & invisible illness as a Mum of a mini ostomate with Hirschsprung’s Disease. Also a HD warrior herself! Keep up to date with Rach over on Instagram: @gutsy.mum