Faddy Diets Aren’t Just For Losing Weight

Faddy diets

If you use social media you may have seen the influx of people claiming to “cure” or “reverse” Inflammatory Bowel Disease! Which to anyone that has or had that knows it’s a load of tripe! So I thought I would offer up my personal opinion, on these diets and cures.

I’m thankful that I and those around me didn’t have social media when I grew up because I was already pumped full of everything “natural” people could think of and that was just for the constipation I suffered with my Ulcerative Colitis; I don’t want to think of every other thing I would have had to take. Hell the syrup of figs was bad enough, cripes I shudder at the thought of the taste of that!

So a lot of people have been getting in an uproar as we have charities using “celebrities” and I use that term loosely claiming supplements can cure your IBD now that angers me anyway because it is an idiopathic disease which means no known cause and nobody has found a cure. But the one I have been told repeatedly is “Juice Plus will cure your IBD” yeah fat chance of that love! Don’t get me wrong it isn’t just Inflammatory Bowel Disease that gets the cures etc but anything that “ails ya” can be affected.

A lot of the time these fads and claims of cures are just people trying to make a quick buck from the vulnerable and when we are sick we of course are vulnerable as it can be quite a scary or embarrassing time. It is even more upsetting when Facebook groups within each community be it IBD and ostomy or otherwise post these ridiculous notions and upset far many more people. Families and friends see these and unfortunately tempers can get thin when you feel like you have hit an impasse since they just want whats best for you, but you know your doctor would have offered it!

I have been told that the low FODMAP diet would cure me too! Now as I have tried this to find out what food irritated my IBD on the advice of my dietitian I know and she knew it wasn’t a cure just a means to an end to try and give me some remission. Others have been told that raw food diets would also cure them!

I now admin The IBD & Ostomy Support Blogs which is where I will be finding all of my stats from unless otherwise stated, so if you have IBD or just an ostomy from whatever reason and like to read blogs relating to it or write one yourself we welcome you. So I asked within the group what diets/cures they had been offered up and the results were as expected amusing!

  • Aloe Vera
  • Juice Plus
  • Bananas
  • Positive Attitude
  • Exercise
  • Gluten Free Diet
  • No Sugar
  • Low Fat
  • Low FODMAP
  • Raw Foods
  • Coconut Oil

So as you can see there are some crackpot ideas out there! They aren’t all for IBD either! Just remember if there is a chance it’s going to work your doctor will suggest or okay it!