Combating Dips and Creases

combating dips and creases

Nothing for me is more annoying than having a leak due to my peristomal skin having a dip or creases – I can only presume they *in my case* are to do with weight gain/my stomach becoming bloated. Most of the time when you are due to have a stoma (I can’t speak for emergencies) you have a fetching pen mark where is best for the surgeon to place your stoma…all being well on the inside of course. 

But over time after having your surgery your body changes either from weight loss/gain or another physical issue being a pest. Creases can seemingly come out of nowhere and the dips can occur once the stoma has “settled in”. My dip in the skin for instance isn’t helped by weight gain but because my stoma is quite flush to the skin and likes to be a bugger by retracting itself but often on one side only! *shakes fist at my stoma*

Did you know that there are different ways to help with these that aren’t just unhelpful tips like; lose some weight – let’s face it that is often the first thing we think of are told when it comes to any physical issue or even the opposite end of the spectrum gain some weight.

So here are some practical options you can try either from your stoma nurses or your stoma supplies provider:

  • barrier paste – I personally haven’t been able to get this down pat but I know it is something that many people swear by
  • barrier rings/washers – practically every company I have come across have their own version of these. Most of which you can break and/or mould to how you need them
  • barrier wedges –  now these are little gems from Peak Medical, they are little isosceles triangles (probably the only bit of maths I learnt and can apply outside of school was angles and trig!!) with a concave bottom, you can place them where the dip or creases are, multiple if needed or even cut them in half. I have been using these and I think they are a great little piece of kit
  • barrier film – can be used as you lay the sheet where needed and it moulds to your skin
  • tape extenders – I know a lot of people that chop these up and place as needed around the stoma site
  • belts – if you use a convex bag you may already use the belts but if you don’t use them they can help push your stoma out into the bag which hopefully would prevent the spout from dropping under the base plate or allowing the output to seep into the dip or the crease

I would love to know if you have any other items that help with dips and creases in your peristomal skin.