Better Bowels and Beyond Paperback Book

Better Bowels and Beyond Paperback Book

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Your Key To Complete Health

If you are curious about where your bowel disease came from, what went wrong in there, then this book will give you some answers as you are taken on a journey through the spectrum of health to disease.

  • Learn what connects depression, MS, Diabetes, Heart disease, obesity and more
  • Understand why bowel health is the key to all health
  • Discover what you can do for yourself to find health and vitality

Lorraine Alikhanizadeh, together with her husband Nozar, founded Comfizz in 1998 & developed the stoma support wear range for her father to help him live with his stoma but has now helped tens of thousands of other find comfort too. Then in 2010 they were faced with another challenge related to bowel disease when their 13 year old son Samir was diagnosed with Crohns. With a background in science and nutrition Lorraine researched the SC diet which, turned Samir’s Crohns around. Fast forward 7 years of continual research into the science behind this diet and the result is this book. The more Lorraine researched, the more she realised the common root cause of so many seemingly unrelated diseases started in the bowels and that we have so much control over this. She has brought together what she learned into this one concise book in the hope of directing others to a pathway of health, vitality and empowerment.

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