Comfizz 15cm Belt, Level 3 Support - Small (Waist 28"-30")

Comfizz 15cm Belt, Level 3 Support - Small (Waist 28"-30")

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This is the product page for Small variants of 15cm Belt only.

Waist Size - 28"to 30"

Not available on Prescription

A firm supportive belt with built in stabilising ribs, ideal for managing a hernia or for use during vigorous exercise or heavy lifting. The aperture allows the stoma bag to be come through, then the incorporated prolapse cover can be stretched over. This design allows for very strong support without crushing the stoma or diminishing flow but still protecting it. Available in three aperture sizes to fit most stoma bags.

Fitting Note:

Measure around your waist but in line with the stoma.

  • If you have a hernia – lie on your back and wait 5 minutes for hernia to relax before measuring, whilst lying down.
  • If you don’t have a hernia – Remain standing, measure in line with the stoma site.

NOTE: If the measurement falls between sizes, order the size up.

Benefits & Features of Level 3 Support Wear:

  • Provides relief from hernia discomfort
  • Protects abdominal hernia repairs and helps to prevent recurrence
  • Improves bag adherence potentially reducing leaks
  • Helps to manage prolapsed stomas with stretch prolapsed cover
  • Reduces appearance of hernia bulges
  • Three aperture openings to choose from
  • Integrated Velcro feature for attaching the optional stoma protector

This is a level 3 firm support garment

Fold the flange back (shown below) to where it's attached to the fabric, measure from there to get your aperture size.


Additional Information

Washing Instructions:

Material Composition (Approx):

Polyester 55%
Polyamide 15%
Elastane 10%
Viscose 10%
Other 10%

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