Hello 2018

Hello 2018 - Cornwall

Hello and welcome back to the first post of 2018! All of us at Comfizz hope you had a lovely festive season filled with love and happiness (plus I hope Santa gave you everything on your list!) let alone a happy new year! I thought I would let you know how my end of 2017 and start to 2018 went.

I spent the last week of the year down in Cornwall with my husband’s (00Steve) dad and their family. I have to admit I wasn’t looking forward to the 8 hour journey with my ostomy as my output is usually extremely high and last time we had to stop 3 times! This time thankfully my output had decided to thicken up which on one hand was annoying as I was trialling a high output bag/night drainage system! If you have issues thickening your output, here are some handy tips you could try. 00Steve had said he wouldn’t stop this time because he just wanted to get there! Of course he stopped once but not for me but himself as he wanted coffee!

00Steve, Jacob, Ra-Ra, Paul and me at Lands End

Once I got to my in laws the first thing I did was change my bag because there is nothing worse than thinking you can smell your own poop! It is often psychological and others can’t smell it but it drives me and others barmy so a swift bag change is all you need to put your mind at rest. I do always make sure I have some odour reducing item such as in bag drops or a spray when staying at peoples homes to give me a small amount of peace if mind. If you would like more ideas on coping with output odour look no further than The Spoonie Mummy’s post.

I got to enjoy going to Lands End (most westernly point) and Lizard Point (most southernly point) even though it was wet, cold and windy! I still enjoyed myself not sure the men or the kids did! I had a couple of nice walks into Porthleven and watched people get soaked by the waves caused by Storm Dylan, it was quite relaxing just to watch the waves crash over the pier and swirl up over the harbour side.

00Steve and I at Lizard Point

New year was pretty quiet even though we were given the option of going out to the pub we didn’t go as 00Steve is an antisocial so and so, heck I was in bed by quarter past and the man who doesn’t drink stayed up drinking! I obviously got (far too) drunk at some point over the next few days and I cannot stress how important it is to eat and stay hydrated (other than alcohol) whilst drinking because I definitely needed to have drunk 3 gallons of Dioralyte to feel better the next day and we all know that stuff aint nice! However I managed to sort the kids out and make myself a fry up the next day so no major issues.

Ra-Ra, Jacob and I

Then the dreaded car journey home came and this time we drove through the day which meant my ostomy was more active but we just just managed two stops and they were mainly for food which I obviously took full advantage of with a toilet stop. If you are curious to see the sorts of things I pack for a staycation check this post out! What did you do over the festive season anything fun or did you party the new year away?