Have Bag will Travel – Flying with an Ostomy

Have bag will travel - flying with an ostomy

If you read last week’s post on preparing for a weekend break you will be aware that I was going away for well obviously a weekend break! It was my 2 year stomaversary and mine and 00Steve’s 8 year anniversary so we utilised my grant from Purple Wings Charity and chose to visit Paris!

I hadn’t yet flown with my stoma – boats, buses, trains and cars but not a plane so I was a bit nervous when it came to going through security and the horror stories you hear regarding your appliance and the cabin pressure. But in actual fact I had very little to worry about overall. Now whether the fact the flight was only an hour long or that I got lucky with security was the main factor I’m not sure till I go on a longer flight or from a more strict airport.

Not that the Charles de Gaulle airport wasn’t strict as such as there were armed military personnel and police officers patrolling (if you weren’t aware Paris was hit by terrorists and have since had a strong military presence – even at the base of the Eiffel Tower) but their security staff were pretty nonchalant and passed us through with little issue.

Both here and in France I did worry about my stoma with the usual things will it leak? will I need to change it? have I got everything? Now 00Steve took a suitcase (as he took more clothes than me!) so I had half of my supplies in there with my scissors which then went into the hold. I had a precut bag and supplies in my carry on luggage for peace of mind. Considering the cabin pressure must have been fluctuating as our ears kept blocking, popping and feeling “wet” it didn’t affect my appliance in the slightest. I made sure I emptied before I got on the plane and when I got off to ensure it didn’t get too full or I get caught short.

I found a travel certificate and made sure I had it with me in my hand luggage as yes I am pretty good at languages let alone I studied French for 10 years; I didn’t feel confident in attempting to explain my stoma in a language I hadn’t used in over 10 years. I didn’t need it though as I went through the machine with no beeping or being randomly selected for a pat down. Having the certificate gave me confidence in knowing I could explain my ostomy without someone thinking I was being a drug mule or something equally as absurd.

I am so glad that I have finally flown with my stoma and that I had such an amazing time in Paris with my husband on our first childless holiday and holiday abroad with my stoma. Here is to many more!! Have you got any tips for flying with a stoma?