Let’s Be OstoMATES Keith’s Story

Keith's Story

I personally asked Keith to write a bit about his journey as I was drawn to him due to his selfie challenge on Twitter. He is always so positive and doesn’t let life get him down. If you use twitter I do suggest following him as he is a bundle full of joy. I am sure he would love to have you following his challenges and maybe even donating to the charities he supports.

Hi all my name is Keith Thomas.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, it was managed for 4 years with tablets, lots of tablets about 20 a day. Then one day in June 2012 my bowel decided enough was enough and tried to perforate. Which was not nice, lucky for me the amazing team at Singleton hospital in Swansea prevented that. However my bowel was beyond repair, on the 19th June 2012 I had an operation; my entire bowel and anus was removed and Homer the stoma was born.

lets be ostoMATES Keith

I was offered a j pouch but after talking to others with a stoma and one person with a j pouch, I decided one operation and one recovery. Now Homer and I are soon to celebrate 5 years together, this has meant no more medication and a normal healthy diet. I also work 40+ hours a week as a service bus driver for First Cymru and have done now for 4 years. I raise lots of awareness on social media (twitter – keiththom2014), I also do a lot for charity including my 365 day selfie challenge for Marie Curie, this is one of my favourite pictures I have taken so far, I am now on day 252 and so far have raised £1300 pounds.

Have a look at my selfie challenge here #selfie365me my glass is more than half full #milesofsmiles