Jasmine Stacey Collection

Jasmine Stacey Collection

Jasmine Stacey is an ostomate herself who prides herself making exquisite lingerie for any woman who likes a bit of class and to feel sexy but also keeps in mind women with ostomies. Some of her lingerie (Black Widow) can be worn with the Comfizz waistband if preferred.

The Jasmine Stacey Collection is still a relatively new company but the time, love and care that go into each piece is astonishing. I am very privileged to own three sets now, don’t get me wrong I would have all of them if I could afford it! But one day…one day I will! I currently have the Ivory Classic (that I wore for Purple Wings Charity Pin Up Shoot) the Black Classic with the Ouvert Brief and the Black Widow set in red.

Jasmine designs all of the pieces herself which is amazing to me who cant design anything! At first she didn’t know a thing about how to make a bra or briefs so she went on a course at the London College of Fashion, which was the basis of the lingerie we see today. They are all handmade in Nottingham UK which is nice keeping it local. Her core motive behind her designs is to encapsulate women in their everlasting beauty.

Jasmine likes to play around with lace and silk, let alone with plain and simple colours to multi faceted materials. As a lover of fashion herself she can understand how some women can struggle to find sexiness in their new bodies. Some of us like myself felt comfortable with a stoma because of all the main issues of IBD (or whatever was the cause for your stoma) had been fixed, but that isn’t always the case. I still needed a helping hand and wearing the lingerie she produces definitely gives me confidence around my “problem” areas.

I love how down to earth Jasmine is about her designs and her lingerie, she is just so happy when she sells a piece or a set. I honestly think that is the best thing about supporting a small business; knowing you are helping someone keep going with their dream, which in turn helps many people in this case feel good about themselves. If you would like to know more about Jasmine and her business you can read an interview I had with her here.

Jasmine Stacey Collection lingerie A/W16

I am very lucky to call Jasmine a friend, which obviously is always a bonus because of well for starters yay friend! But if 00Steve ever thought “hey, lets buy Stephie some pretty underwear” she could probably make sure the size was right if not from the very least past orders. So it this post may have seemed like it was geared up towards women but you could be a gentleman whose female partner has a stoma or you just think she would like some pretty underwear. But there is a little section on her website dedicated to the men who want to buy their partners a little something special and how they can go about it.

We all deserve to feel attractive surgery or not and when I find something similar for men (that isn’t a direct competitor) you can bet your bottom dollar I will write a post about that too!!

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