Looking for More to Cuddle…?

looking for more to cuddle?

Look no further than the Stomawise Ostobears; these bears are bigger than the other toys we have looked at over the last few weeks and far more plush which is the perfect for squishes and lets face it who doesn’t want a hug when tired, scared or upset? We can’t always be there for our loved ones 24/7 but who said a teddy bear can’t?

The Stomawise Ostobears are larger than the other “toys” and completely plush including the stoma. I originally bought one of these back when I was due to have my ileostomy and even though it is the most expensive out of the lot; I feel like it really helped Ra-Ra understand that I was going to have the surgery and then be special like the bear but still her mummy regardless. It also helped her not be scared when she saw the bag and then eventually the stoma itself. The bears come in a range of colours and you can buy clothes separate for them to change into; these bears can be either gender.

ostobears- stomawise

Stomawise is a small charity that sells a range of ostomy related products to help raise awareness of various ostomies and the money goes to helping children with ostomies and the caravan appeal which provides respite to new ostomates. The caravan appeal is currently ongoing to try and raise enough money to buy a static caravan in Wales to allow brand new ostomates to stay for a week free of charge to remind them that life goes on after surgery.

Not only do they do the Ostobears but they have little rag dolls called Lucy who comes in three different colours and has a lifelike stoma; currently they only have the doll as female but this may change in the future so I suggest getting in touch to see when or if male dolls are going to be available.

lucy stoma rag doll - stomawise