One Bag doesn’t Fit All

One bag doesn't fit all

Are you still using the type of appliance that was given to you when you first received your ostomy or are you having issues with the one you are currently using? Did you know that you don’t have to settle for a pouch you aren’t happy with? We are all individuals and our bodies are unique so we shouldn’t settle for a pouch that doesn’t make us feel 100% happy and confident. Over time your body can change due to skin sensitivity, weight gain or loss, hernias amongst other things which means you may have to try something different.

I myself have thought I had the perfect bag for me three times now! The Dansac Novalife had been great after surgery, during pregnancy and up until recently. The Coloplast SenSura Mio was great until I got pregnant and then my skin just came out in a rash and still does so I had to change from that. Now the bag that is currently perfect for me is the Peak Medical Ileomate. Each bag has had some downfalls as well as major brownie points and worked well for me at different stages of my life as an ostomate.

I see so many people on the support groups saying how they didn’t know they could change their bags to a different supplier or make and suffered with things that were easy enough to sort out such as leaks. Each manufacturer allow you to get samples to try and you can make your own decision to whether it is worth changing over or not. Some people are very lucky and the bag they are given as they are being discharged ends up being the bag for them.

The reason we are all given different bags at the start of our ostomy journey is usually down to the fact that the specific hospital or trust has a deal with that company and they are the brand they give out initially. Any stoma care nurse worth their salt would be offering different brands if the one originally given wasn’t working for you because all our needs are very different from the next person.

If there is no real issue with the bag you use I don’t see the point in changing – what’s the phrase? If it aint broke don’t fix it? Which bags work for you and why? :Have you had to try out a few before you found your ideal bag?