World IBD Awareness Day 2017!

world IBD awareness day 2017

So today 19th of May was world IBD awareness day, in fact as you maybe aware May is IBD awareness month. Some people have been posting daily images of life with IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, others have been more loud and proud about it both are great !Me? Well I’ve done some “ostobomb’s” to few local landmarks to raise awareness by sticking stoma bags with information written on about IBD and that it is indeed IBD awareness month, oh also Ra-Ra and I did a 5K walk in aid of Purple Wings which I have mentioned loads of times previously that is a charity for people with stoma’s from having IBD. 


So my first ostobomb was sticking a stoma bag on a statue of Captain James Cook, in Great Ayton North Yorkshire. He if you didn’t know discovered Hawaii and New Zealand from his ship the Endeavour which sailed from Whitby. He was born a little it up the road in Marton, went to school in Great Ayton and worked on a farm at the bottom of Roseberry Topping. He lost his life in Hawaii when trying to kidnap a native chief. As a man of science and exploration I thought he wouldn’t mind raising awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

James Cook Ostobomb

My second ostobomb was sticking a stoma bag onto “The Lady Of The Woods” up in Guisborough Forest. I decided that she would show that men and women can have stoma’s, also as she is on The Gruffalo Trail I thought more people might see her.

lady ostobomb

My third ostobomb was in Whitby, we were actually “chasing” pokemon ha ha! In the Pannett Park, which in our many frequent trips to Whitby we haven’t ventured into, well thank you 00Steve wanting an Onix it meant I found a metal cut out of an elderly gentleman digging in a flower bed. Yes many elderly people have stoma’s not all of them will be from IBD but one day I will be elderly or at least I hope I will be one day. But you can be active with a stoma at any age if you are careful and wear any appropriate items.

whitby ostobomb

My fourth ostobomb was at another favourite place of ours (well they all are we just happen to be lucky enough to live in Great Ayton) Stewarts Park in Marton. I am a little bit obsessed with Tikki men and Easter Island heads so I decided to put a stoma bag on one of them too! I thought to myself that it doesn’t matter where in the world you are if you are going to get IBD your are going to get it and you may not be able to get the treatment, surgery, care or supplies you really need. So this photo represents you don’t have to be white, middle class or live in a “developed” country like I was once told but anywhere in the world.



ostobomb 4


On the IBD and Ostomy Support Show last night we had Steve Cartmail as a guest and we all discussed how having IBD and/or ostomy surgery can impact how you view your own body image, we also wore purple if you would like to watch the recorded episode please click here.

Ra-Ra wore a bag and had a tea party with me and her Ostobear which you can buy from  or even donate one to a child about to have stoma surgery.

ostomy teaparty


I am very aware of the fact that not everyone who has IBD will have a stoma but it is part of my everyday life and if I’m perfectly honest with you my dear readers I have blocked out most of it. I remember the constant anaemia from the heavy bleeding that I got every time I went to the toilet as I had constipation the entire of my journey with Ulcerative Colitis until I had my Jpouch formed. The crying on the toilet or the times my parents would ind me asleep on the bathroom floor because I would get half an hour rest before traipsing back to the toilet. The pain, the different medications, the constant hospital admissions none of that I want to think about anymore, but it is day to day life far too many people around the world.