OstoMATES Here Is Your Call To Arms!

ostoMATES this is your call to arms

Have you been enjoying the “Let’s Be OstoMATES” series? Would you like to take part in them? Well read on dear ostoMATE and I will let you know what I ideally ask for and where you can send it to so it can get posted!

ostomates we need you

It doesn’t require a lot of effort as we are talking about you and your own life, nobody knows this better than yourself but sometimes you can feel like you don’t know where to start so here are a few pointers to help you!

  • So I used to ask for people to stick to 1000 words but over the last few months I have since learnt (since doing this series I have learnt SO MUCH) you can’t always put your story into a set amount of words, but what I do ask with the word count is you write at least 350 words as this helps give a better idea of what you went through.
  • It is often best if you start from the beginning what it was like before your diagnosis – which can I point out can be any diagnosis that has given you a stoma, whether permanent or reversed. How you coped or didn’t.
  • How you felt about finally getting a diagnosis, did you feel relief knowing that the reason for all your pain had a name? How did they choose to try and manage your symptoms IE medication?
  • Was your ostomy your choice or was it via emergency? What type of ostomy is it? How did you feel about it? Did it take you awhile to adjust to life with it?
  • Do you have any tips or tricks that revolutionised having a stoma in your life? Any amusing anecdotes?
  • However not all of our journeys with an ostomy are positive and some people may actually feel comforted to know they aren’t the only ones struggling so please don’t worry if it isn’t all rainbows and glitter.
  • I do ask that everyone include a photo of themselves, it can be from whenever you want as long as it doesn’t show your naked stoma. Now there is nothing to be ashamed with because of your stoma but a lot of people maybe squeamish, however there are groups such as Making Ostomies Cool on Facebook that allow stoma’s to be splashed across the wall rather than in the comments. So please do feel free to add yourself to that group.
  • If you would like to send the photo and post via message to Colitis To Ostomy Facebook page or you can request my personal email via the page.
  • You don’t have to worry about grammar or spelling as I will check them and make sure things read easier, if I change anything other than spelling or grammar I will allow you to check it over and make sure you are still happy with it.

I do tend to hear more from female ostomates but would love to hear from the men! So please don’t hesitate to contact me! I genuinely love reading about your lives and I learn so much about your reasons behind your stoma’s and that helps me be a better advocate for those around me with stoma’s.