What Is The Difference Between CA, IA And UA?

CA, IA and UA differences

Coming into the world of being an ostomate can be quite a scary thing and knowing what information can be trusted on the vast pages of the internet definitely doesn’t help! But there are organisations out there that you can take their words as gospel and they relate directly to each specific stoma… Ileostomy and internal pouch association, Colostomy UK formerly known as the Colostomy Association and last but not least the Urostomy Association.

Knowing that there is information out there that is correct and in an easy to understand form can help make people feel less alone. The fact they aren’t linked to one specific reason behind the ostomy is also really good as it doesn’t leave anyone out. It isn’t like a club that someone can feel excluded from such as a cancer or IBD organisation. You can become a member to each of these and receive magazines amongst others things.

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the different types of ostomies from the view of someone who has one, because you maybe wearing the hernia wear and you don’t have an ostomy but are at risk of hernia for other reasons and are intrigued by the ostomy awareness on this blog.

So let’s start off with the IA; Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group has been around for 60 years and was created by a group of people who had ileostomies along with medical professionals. It was the first ostomy association in Britain. They pride themselves on that the committee members and trustees (who aren’t medical professionals) have ileostomies so they can provide a better service as they understand what it is to live with one.

Next we have the CA now known as Colostomy UK; they have been around for 50 years and generally have the larger online presence. Their website is filled with useful information for all ostomates and non ostomates alike.

Last but by no means least we have the UA; they have been around for just over 40 years. The idea was born by a nurse (Laurie Kenefick) who chatted frequently to a struggling patient (Valerie Kings) and found out that there wasn’t much in the way of help for her and others with urinary diversions, till what you see with the Urostomy Association as it is today!

Hopefully if you didn’t know about the relevant ostomy association you do now!