How To Deal With The Dreaded Pancaking!

dealing with the dreaded pancaking

Now if you are a urostomate this wont affect you as it is a stool based output problem. As far as I am aware mainly colostomates find this a struggle as they still have some of their large bowel left which will wring out the liquid in their output. HOWEVER some ileostomates suffer this and it depends on what you eat….potato and quinoa causes pancaking for me!

What is pancaking exactly? Well it is where your output stays around your stoma rather than falling into the bag. This can cause leaks as the stool begins to push between the base plate and your skin. This makes a gap where the output escapes either as liquid or the thicker output; either way it is incredibly annoying for all involved!

How can we prevent pancaking I hear you ask?

Well here are a few tips that may help:

  • drinking more fluid – this allows the output to thin out a bit making it less likely to sit by the stoma
  • leaving some air in the bag – this prevents a vacuum and can help prevent the output from staying put
  • putting a filter sticker on – this allows some air to stay in the bag, not too mention preventing any odour from escaping
  • eating veggies – the type of fibre found in veggies (insoluble) will help to make things move. People that suffer constipation could find eating veggies helpful
  • using a lubricator – this ensures that the inside of your bag is slippery and it will hopefully encourage your output to move down the bag
  • moving it – so basically pushing it down with your hands (on the outside of your bag!!!!)
  • being aware of certain foods – some foods obviously thicken up your output and could be the culprit to your pancaking dilema

What tips and tricks do you have? I find that moving the output, eating more veggies and drinking fluid are the three that help me the most!

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