Parastomal Hernia Prevention Program

Hollister & Comfizz

Parastomal Hernia Prevention Program – ABSTRACT     Oct 2013
Trial conducted by Jacqui North clinincal Nurse Specialist, Colorectal & Stoma Care


This study has clearly demonstrated the benefits of wearing Comfizz in reducing the risks of developing a hernia.
It also shows the importance of early intervention and follow up with a specialist nurse, who can give appropriate advice and support.

The full article is to be printed in the BJN (British Journal Of Nursing)
The most up-to-date clinically focused journal available to nurses. It is applicable to all nurses in all specialties.

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One thought on “Parastomal Hernia Prevention Program

  1. Sue Cavanagh says:

    I love all the Comfizz products that i have tried ,Briefs,level 1 and 2 boxers,waist bands and hernia support belts, I find them all so comfortable to wear not restrictive in any way and i really wouldnt be without them ive had my stoma for over 7 yrs now and have worn Comfizz products from very early on in that journey , I really appreciate the support they give the added confidence that the bag isnt doing its own thing or out of control .I cant praise Comfizz and their products highly enough .No Ostomate should be without Comfizz garments

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