Preparing for a Weekend Break

Preparing for a weekend break

I am incredibly lucky to be going to Paris next week with a grant I was awarded from the Purple Wings Charity I received a hotel voucher which could be used anywhere in the world and we wanted to go to Paris last year but being pregnant we decided to leave it till both of our children were old enough to enjoy it.

So I thought I would talk about some of the preparations I have done or I’m in the process of doing with regards to going abroad with my ostomy.

  • think about taking an EHIC with you which is European Healthcare Insurance Card this entitles you to free or reduced cost treatment to the same level a local resident would receive; which would tide you over till you go home. Please find more information on the EHIC here  please note these take up to 10 working days to arrive
  • getting a letter from your stoma care nurse or your GP that explains your condition, medication (especially if you take controlled drugs) and your supplies is pretty handy, I have been told by other ostomates that with your letter it means your supplies weight don’t have to be counted towards your weight, which is handy
  • it sounds silly as most people do this anyway but get insurance and declare your ostomy because if something happens your insurance is then void. 00Steve and I went with the Post Office who we have gone with in the past and for 2 nights away it is costing me £36 all in
  • you can get in touch with the airport you are flying from to let them know you have a hidden disability to see if they can offer lanyards, wristbands etc to allow you access to assistance as needed, but I doubt you get through security quicker!
  • contact the hotel you are staying at to see if there is any where you can leave your luggage prior to check in
  • take double the amount of supplies than you would use at home just in case of leaks
  • if you are taking both carry on luggage and hold luggage think about splitting your supplies up so in case of lost luggage you aren’t left without anything

These things may seem excessive to some but to others it could be a necessity; do you have any tips and tricks for preparing for a weekend break?

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