Time To Reflect

Time to reflect

Now as the year is drawing to a close I wanted to take this time to reflect on this year and writing for Comfizz.

I tend to find this time of year particularly busy and I like to reflect on my year and focus on the positives, which with this blog has been constant! I feel I truly have been blessed with being given this opportunity to write for such a caring, family orientated company who have experienced first hand stoma’s and Inflammatory Bowel Disease; which as a reason to change their goals as a company is pretty unheard of nowadays.

I would like to take this time to personally thank each and everyone who kindly written in their stories for the “Let’s Be OstoMATES” series because for some of you it honestly wasn’t easy but hopefully it was helpful. Sophie, Paul, Donna, Keith, Mary, Simon, Ginger, Brian, Sue, Graham, Jen, Richard, Louise, Arfaan, Vikki, Mark and Ros thank you from the bottom of my heart, I don’t think you will understand how many people you have helped with your stories of what you have been through.

I found the “What Is An…” ostomy series really interesting and I hope you did too! Especially with the other types of stoma’s because that was pretty mind blowing at the sheer variety because a stoma is a surgical opening. We have discussed blockages, travel, exercise, ostomy charities and associations, sleep and leaks, using peoples tips and polls from groups.

If you as the readers have any ideas for new topics please get in touch because I want to keep the blog as relevant to the readers as I can. Including any series’ you would like me to create and evolve.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from everyone here at Comfizz!