Have You Seen The Riksack?

Have you seen the Riksack?

Hi everyone I just wanted to tell you about the “Riksack” invented by Stomaworks. You may have seen it on ITV’s “This Morning” last year. I had heard about it just before my surgery late April last year but was in hospital when I wanted to watch it, although I tend to find unless I’m in my own room someone complains about having the TV on during the day rude!

I think this product is perfect for those who need a bit of assistance with a bag change, help gain confidence or have little space in the area they choose to do a change.

I bought this just as I got home from surgery and the delivery was pretty quick and the added extras that come with the Riksack are quite handy. These are –  an elasticated clothing belt (for keeping your clothes out of the way) 40 standard liners (these are your disposable bags essentially, you can buy more from the site or just use pedal bin liners) and 3 soluble liners.

The main thing I was worried about when I was still a new ostomate was changing my bag, was I going to stuff it up once I got home and cry? I am a serial crier much to my own disgust but hey I surely can’t be the only one. Was I going to need 00Steve to help? Now he said he would pass stuff to me but he wouldn’t go as far as changing my bag which I think is fair, I guess if I REALLY needed his help that might change but if it wasn’t an emergency I would ask my sister or one of my besties as they are both used to stoma care through their jobs.

Even now I can be really bad at forgetting certain things like the barrier ring, or running out of adhesive remover in the bathroom, I do try to use my Dansac uhm I’m going to call it my hanging change shelf ha ha. I showed you it briefly in the previous post but I usually refill my bits so I always have enough for at least one change. BUT I didn’t have this when I first started out, so Riksack to the rescue as long as it was clipped round my waist and a bag attached I could run round from the bathroom to the bedroom or wherever my ostomy supplies were. If my stoma decided to become active then it didn’t matter it wasn’t going to go allover me or the floor. Which is especially handy if your a new ostomate and it hasn’t settled into a sort of routine yet.

Dansac Shower Bag

I found the Riksack pretty easy to use to be honest. I adjusted the strap that is attached to the bucket I guess to fit my waist – I suggest doing this before you need to do a change as there is nothing worse than being flustered during a bag change. I unclip the straps on the outside then place the disposable bag inside and re-clip the straps to hold it in place. Then it’s just a case of changing your appliance and uncliping and fastening the bag and binning it!

The Riksack also is made out of a very flexible rubbery material that can fold and roll up on itself to save space, it could then go in the car or if you were going somewhere outdoorsy like a festival or camping and you just know there maybe not enough space to accommodate a change. Bag change in a portaloo no thanks I would much rather go behind a bush or somewhere less busy with the Riksack! I haven’t gone camping yet but when I do I will be taking it with me just to be safe.


Now the two downside I have noticed is if I have had a leak unless its a small leak the Riksack can be a bit of a faff on to attach the bag and clip it round your waist and the disposable bags you get from your supplier are too small. But I do believe I got my confidence a lot quicker than I would have if I didn’t have the Riksack as I was in hospital for 4 days or something after surgery and only changed my own bag twice, once by myself then again to show my stoma nurse I could manage. I even took it in to show my stoma nurses when I went for a routine appointment as they love finding out about new stuff.

I think if you are an outdoorsy person, a new ostomate or someone that may not have a lot of confidence with changing your bag by yourself its a worthwhile buy. What is even better is they work for all ostomates whether you have a urostomy, colostomy or like me an ileostomy. I am glad I bought mine even if now it will be used when we go and do outdoorsy stuff as I am pretty confident with my bag changes now.

If you would like more information or buy the product then head on over to the Stomaworks site.

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