Spring Forward with Exercise

spring forward with exercise

We tend to find ourselves wanting to if not already venturing outside for more than just the commute to work or appointments, as the weather begins to warm up. Already we have had a few beautiful warm, sunny days which I took advantage of with going for a walk around my picturesque village with my kids but then the weather turned grey again. But once this miserable weather naffs off I think going outside for fun may happen more regularly.

Have you recently had surgery or do you feel ready to take your first steps towards a fitter, healthier new you? Well here are some of my tips when it comes to starting out whether you did it before surgery or lets face it the winter, or you haven’t really been into it before.

    1. Start small, just walking fast enough to get your heart beating faster is a good start. You should be able to hold down a conversation but not sing,- weird I know but it means you are getting some benefit out of the exercise.
    2. Wear the correct footwear – this one means you are more stable in your feet for the exercise you have chosen to do (unless you are swimming of course) which will help prevent pulling a muscle or causing hernias.
    3. That leads me nicely onto support wear and Comfizz provide many types that you can wear to help prevent hernias. I really like their t-shirts at the moment and feel like I get a great amount of support from it and it is comfortable.
    4. Make sure you are hydrated and have some fluids with you such as an electrolyte or sports drink.
    5. Make it something fun that you enjoy doing or experiment!


  1. Go with a friend or a family member as studies have shown (as I’ve read in copious magazines) that you are more likely to stick with an activity if someone else is with you as you are less likely to let them down.
  2. family outingIf you don’t fancy being social you can always make yourself up a play list and put some headphones in and enjoy the time to yourself.
  3. Listen to your body when you need to rest and do just that!

I have been running, swimming and hiking since having my stoma – we roped my Mam, our niece and nephew into going for a mini hike up to Captain Cook’s monument where we live.

What do you like doing activity wise? Do you have any hints and tips that aren’t mentioned above? If so please leave a comment and I will add it in!