Stoma Open Days Are A Wealth Of Knowledge

Stoma open days are a wealth of knowledge

Stoma open days are I find quite interesting and are the easiest way to interact with companies who specialise in all things ostomy related.

You can easily find stoma open days on the internet, by asking your stoma care team (most teams host one every so often) or by word of mouth in support groups. In fact the event I went to on Tuesday I was told about via my friend Natalie who blogs over at The Spoonie Mummy we were going to go to one in Leeds yesterday together yet sadly life got in the way. But like the big boss lady Lorraine says things happen for a reason and we should just go with the flow! She is definitely right on that!

So I went to the South Tees stoma care open day in Marton and I actually expected to see the James Cook University Hospital stoma care nurses but was surprised to see the event was ran by the community stoma care nurses in the Redcar and Guisborough area. The first person I saw was our very own Charlie, who has moved from the office and is now representing Comfizz at the open days.

Charlie from Comfizz stoma open day

I made a beeline for her and had a good chat and she got to meet the youngest of the Comfizz family my son Jacob. There were two rooms and in the first room a tea and coffee station where there was tombola which raised funds for the support group in that area, plus the Colostomy Association and the Ileostomy Association had representatives to talk to armed with leaflets and a smile.


Back in the main room there were representatives from:

  • Fittleworth
  • Dansac
  • Convatec
  • Peak Medical – I really enjoyed talking to him
  • Comfizz
  • CUI
  • Hollister
  • Coloplast – I’ve met Sam before at the support group I help run in the Hambleton and Richmondshire area and she is lovely
  • Pelican
  • CliniMed
  • Oakmed
  • Rapid Care

I have only been to one open day before and that was straight after my surgery and I felt quite overwhelmed but this time 18 months or so in, I felt I was in a much better position to take in information and ask questions. They all have their stalls set out with products that they provide and forms so that you can order products.

I think it is a really good chance for people with ostomies to meet other ostomates and see what else is out there, not to mention talk to a rep who will have extensive training and within reason should be able to answer questions about the products. Obviously these days aren’t meant for you to be asking the nurses specifics about your ostomy issues but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask them to make an appointment with you to talk them through at a later date.

I do encourage each and everyone of you to go to one near you next year and just see what they are like, whats available and maybe make a friend!