Lean On Me…(Support Groups)

support groups

…When you’re not strong, sorry I just thought I would sing to you there! But seriously has there been times when you have thought “I really wish I had someone to talk to about *insert problem*” ? Well I’m here to let you know that there are plenty of different ways to interact with others in the same or similar situation as you are. I think from time to time we all need that bit of support whether in person or over the internet, heck some of the people I have come to trust more than anyone I have either met through charitable events via social media or are still a face over t’internet.

There are online groups on Facebook that are affiliated with charities and causes, but there are also groups set up by your average Joe. I actually am not in that many different groups, I have a couple I’m in that I read the posts and sometimes have something relevant to comment like the “Stomawise Ostomy Support” and “Ostomy and IBD” groups. I personally use the “Osto-MY Fashion” or “Making Ostomies Cool” to post stuff in the most and even then at the moment it’s not as often as I would like. There is plenty of specialised groups out there like “Male Ostomy and IBD”, “Ostomy Lifestyle Athletes”, “Ostomy and Jpouch Moms” and I’m sure many more that you can search for.

Also if you are a twitter fanatic (both myself and Comfizz have accounts – go on give us a follow you know you want too lol) there are a couple of pages that do like a question and answer day/hour with a hashtag so you can easily follow the chat. There are Ostomonday which has a specific question asked about the lovely Thalia Skye and #IBDhour (which I seem to miss every blooming time!) which is once a month.

Then you have your support groups, your in the flesh tea and cake chatters. Some of these can be run by professional bodies such as the Ileostomy Association, Colostomy Association, Crohns and Colitis UK, Urostomy Association and I can only imagine some of the cancer charities plus more than likely many more. These can usually be found via their websites, asking your stoma care nurse or oncology team. But there maybe local ones run by like minded people who felt that their local area was lacking the support. This is what I did and a few other bloggers and ostomates I have spoken to have also done. It really isn’t that hard to set up your own support group as long as there is a need for it, I talk about how my first meeting went and how we set it up here.

I do believe on all the association websites they have a section that list counties and any groups that have asked to be listed. Which should be pretty handy because I had done a list that I was going to update regularly then found that out and went errrrrm nope its much easier for people to find the relevant information this way!

How do you feel about the different types of support available to you? Do you access them or not?