Swimming with an Ostomy

Swimming with an ostomy

I love swimming and due to one thing or another it has been a really long time since I had been, but last week we finally got to go and take Baby Button for his first swim. I also got to try out the Comfizz double layer bikini! If you haven’t been swimming yet since having your ostomy or are worried about going when you do have your surgery you needn’t worry!

Your stoma base plate is designed to be waterproof so the water shouldn’t affect how well it sticks, you can also use tape/flange extenders which all ostomy companies provide to give you that extra bit of security. Since having my stoma nearly two years ago I have gone swimming quite a bit and I had two big worries:

  1. my bag would show through my costume
  2. where can I change my appliance before my clothes get wet!

Now I have worn normal high waisted swimming bottoms and they were fine when it came to not showing my bag except the very


top (I have a high sited stoma) but they obviously didn’t provide any hernia support and if you are a hardcore swimmer or you are going to have a full on mess about with your kids then you want the support. That’s where the double layer bottoms came in!

They not only gave me peace of mind when it came to hernia support but looked good too.

Having a bag that is waterproof is helpful like the Sensura Mio or a quick dry like the Ileomate; but isn’t necessary as you can change in the showers if you know your stoma is in one of it’s “quiet moments” or in the toilets. You can also get a towelling material bag cover from stoma style which allows you to let your bag dry off without getting your clothes wet.

I suggest that if you are interested in proper hernia support swimwear that you keep checking the website regularly as new lines are always being brought in but as far as I’m aware here are the ladies swim briefs and here are the mens swim trunks I won’t be without mine now!

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