Do You Suffer With Watery Output?

watery output

Sometimes we have the opposite of pancaking to deal with and that is having watery output. This can with some ostomates be down to having a tummy bug, diet or drinking plenty. Having liquid output can in some cases start to erode the base plate which in turn causes a leak and can begin to burn the peristomal skin.

Like pancaking, watery output can cause us ostomates problems but knowing the different reasons behind it and ways you can combat it means next time you have an attack of loose output you will know how to deal with it!

Some veggies may cause your output to loosen, a tummy bug or a partial blockage amongst others, sometimes it really can be down to the indivdual.

Firstly there is the medical route of taking loperamide which is designed to slow down your output and thicken it up – many people may have taken that as its “street” name of immodium.

Then there is the diet route which is loading up on starchy foods such as white pasta, potatoes, white rice, white bread and gelatin based products like jelly babies or marshmallows. Heck even bananas, porridge, applesauce, crackers, nut butters can do the job if you don’t fancy a full meal or it isn’t when you would have your meal.

If you are finding that you need a quick fix or more short term (like if you have a tummy bug) even if you are travelling and you aren’t sure when you will be able to make a pitstop for the loo you can use a gelling agent. Most ostomy companies offer their own variation and it may be a case of trial and error to find one that suits you. But be warned they are a one use only kinda thing, which means when you empty you will need to pop another one in; so there is a chance you may get output on your hands unless you use some tweezers or something similar.

What are your tips for coping with watery output?