How I Came To Write For Comfizz

how I came to write for Comfizz

So I realised I haven’t really gone into any detail with how and why I write on this blog every week! Maybe you would like to know? Well if you do please read on!

So my ileostomy was formed on April 21st 2016, I was just blogging for myself, the close family and friends that wanted to know the ins and outs of how my life was going. I decided that I should start writing about the products I was trying and how they worked for me. I had the Riksack and some Comfizz waistbands that I wrote about (including some really bad photos!) but I also felt that the companies may have wanted to know what I thought of them. So I messaged the Comfizz Instagram with my links and I remember Megan replying and saying that they appreciated the feedback. After that it kind of spurred me onto do more and I guess over the last 15 months I have got better at writing them!

I was messaging Megan quite a lot back then and met her dad; the big boss man Nozar at the Purple Wings Charity exhibition 00Steve and I spent a lot of time chatting to him. I was blown away by the fact he knew about my blog and my reviews on their products., not to mention the only negative review I have ever written. It was briefly mentioned about working with Comfizz in some capacity and I genuinely thought it was a joke! But talking to Megan in the weeks that followed proved me wrong!

I remember going to Comfizz HQ with 00Steve and Ra-Ra as it isn’t too far away from me in the grand scheme of things. Nozar and Ra-Ra hit it off straight away in fact the second time I visited (by myself that time) I was given the (jokingly) cold shoulder because she wasn’t with me! Lorraine, Megan and I discussed in detail this blog and what I would and could write about, back then the website as we now know it was in production and the blog felt like a far off idea. It soon came around quick and part of me was worried that I wouldn’t be able to think of things to write about let alone whether people would read it or not! I am pretty lucky in that doing The IBD and Ostomy Support Show it has helped me come up with some topics, plus doing polls in groups. I also love doing the “Let’s Be OstoMATES” series and reading each and everyone’s stories, every single one touches my heart and puts me through a roller-coaster of emotions.

I jumped at the chance to write for this blog and would do so time and time again, because I genuinely feel like I am part of the Comfizz family. I hope that I have explained enough as to why I am here.