Adaptive Festive Outfit Ideas

Adaptive Festive Outfit Ideas

How wonderful is it that we can look forward to the festive season, the chance to dress up and make memories with our nearest and dearest. Last year we certainly weren’t in the same position, but we are now in a much hopeful and positive position that we can think about what we will get up to, and what we can wear to sparkly in the festive season. When you have an ostomy or a feeding tube to add to the mix, it can be difficult for some to find outfits that they can feel both secure and fabulous in, in equal measure. For me this year I have myself to think about and my 5 year old with both an ostomy and a feeding tube. My priority is to make sure he is comfortable and not having to think about his devices, so he can concentrate on playing with his friends and being silly just as little ones should. For me I want to feel feminine, sparkle and not have my ostomy stand out, distracting me from being in the present and soaking up the experience whether its a meal out with family, dancing, or bingo with the girls! Here are my go to ideas for myself and my little man:

Kids clothing

Dungarees - For comfort and keeping them cosy and warm, dungarees was always my go to. Most supermarkets, high street clothing shops and plenty of online independents have them for all seasons. Having an ostomy and clothing that cuts into your waist isn’t the best. Jo Jo Maman Bebe have some of the best quality options and lovely designs for Christmas.

Vests - Although difficult to find on the high street, online you will find plenty on Etsy with some able to be personalised and M&S and the Irish company Dunnes at very reasonable prices. Available for babies through to 16 year olds they are highly inclusive with colour options to choose from. 

Elasticated waist trousers - Teamed with a waist band my little one started wearing these and finds them plenty comfortable, as long as they were ones that weren’t too thick in fabric, and allowed plenty of movement to stop them feeling restricted. ASDA is a great place to start where you can also find  some lovely dungarees too.   

Women’s clothing 

If its sparkle and comfy you want, take a look at these options below. Available to buy online at the time of this blog being published. The dresses wrap lightly around the waist and can be tightened to your fit. The playsuit is perfect if you want to show off those legs whilst not cutting in and allowing your ostomy not to be restricted. The blazer is perfect for layering if you want that extra cover whilst still looking stylish and party ready. If it's a smart casual combo you are after then jeans and a peplum top work perfectly. Aura Clothing sell the best fitting jeans I have found to date supporting my ostomy. The peplum top sits above an ostomy and glides lightly down to cover the waist whilst the jeans from Aura Clothing with its double layers band inside give you security and support. Click the photos below to check them out now:






Comfizz Waistbands and underwear

Support wear is arguably the most important element of a social occasion where an ostomy is concerned. Not all, but many people rely on them for day to day life. I use them for running and special occasions where some people may use them 24 hours a day like my little boy. Below are the products we use including the Comfizz Junior Waistband Level 1 Support and the Level 2 Support Waistband. Double layered options are also available where it has been known for me to keep my debit card in. Functional on all accounts! 




Whatever you choose to wear have the best time and don’t compromise on comfort. You deserve to be comfortable and feel your amazing self at the same time! 


Take care, Rach x

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