Christmas Supplier Dates

Christmas Supplier Dates

Christmas can be an already hectic time of year for all of us worrying about supplies and having enough could also be a worry so I have compiled a list of supplies and their last dates for ordering supplies although sadly some have already passed. If this is the case please get in touch with your stoma nurse and see if they would be able to give you a box to tide you over.

Most of us shouldn’t really need that many extra supplies as the festive season isn’t that long so if you are going to order or grab some more supplies be mindful it shouldn’t be a case of stockpiling items but just what you need. Let’s face it it doesn’t and shouldn’t be like when people stock up their fridges and cupboards when the shops are only closed for two days maximum!

Trio Ostomy Care – Wednesday 19th December (UK only)

Coloplast Charter – Friday 7th December

CliniMed & SecuriCare – Friday 14th December

Medilink – Friday 14th December

Bullen – Wednesday 12th December (stoma products/medication orders) and Monday 17th December (stoma products only)

Respond – Monday 17th December

Pelican – – Wednesday 19th December

I have to thank Natalie from The Spoonie Mummy as she asked on Twitter before I did so the information is hers which is in a handy post about managing your supplies.

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