Christmas Survival Tips

Christmas Survival Tips

Christmas with an ostomy can be a scary thing what with potential visitors, visiting others and the Christmas feast to contend with. However it isn’t something to worry too much over and after your first festive season under your (ostomy) belt you may think to yourself what is all the fuss was about. This is my third Christmas with my ileostomy although the first doesn’t really count as i was three months pregnant and completely off my food.

I wanted to share my top tips for “surviving” the festive season with you all – now bare in mind I have an ileostomy so these may not affect you but hopefully at least something is of use!

  1. I have in my bathroom an Air Wick air freshener spray. One of the ones with no added water and is full of essential oils; this is pretty good at masking any odour from emptying my bag.
  2. You can get various in the toilet odour neutralisers such as VIPoo etc these are hit and miss depending on the person but for ostomies they generally are better used after emptying and before you flush.
  3. Don’t run the risk of your bag getting too full, it is not only uncomfortable but allows for schoolboy errors of judgement and you could be needing a bag change rather than just nipping to the loo.
  4. Having an emergency kit with you, just the bare essentials if it’s a short stay or a full change if it is a long stay in case you end up with a leak – nobody wants to deal with that when you’re not at home!
  5. Chewing thoroughly…yes we hear this so often but as someone who has suffered blockages (yes sadly I didn’t learn the first time) from not chewing properly it is really important. Who want’s to be in hospital over Christmas? I didn’t think so.
  6. Leave the foods you haven’t tried off your plate unless you are going to brave it and have a small amount and carry out #4 very well!
  7. Having enough supplies to see you through which by now we all should have got sorted.
  8. Enjoy yourself! Having an ostomy doesn’t mean you can’t still go out there and have fun!

I feel I can safely say from not just myself but everyone in the Comfizz family we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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