This month’s showcase of companies is Coloplast. This one of the larger companies and has such a large range of products that have the possibility of suiting everyone! I used to love these products until becoming pregnant and my hormones changed that! Darn hormones have a lot to answer for with me!


So Coloplast have a range of accessory products under the name of Brava and they have quite a variety in there such as barrier sprays to seals to ostomy powder. For many people they like these and even if they don’t use the bags they often like these little bits in their ostomy routine.

Coloplast have a variety of bags in convex, flat and concave base plates and a choice of one piece or two piece appliances. The two pieces come in the click or the flex; the difference being you click one in place and the other you just line up and stick down. The interesting thing when it comes to their appliances is the base plates – so most companies do as standard the convex and the flat but the concave is what stands them apart.

The concave base is shaped like a star that is supposed to fit more comfortably over hernias or in their words if you have an outward body shape. I know mainly men that use the concave and they absolutely love them so if you are experiencing leaks and you have tried different brands maybe look into the concave appliance? Like with any new base plate please ask your stoma care nurse just to be safe as the last thing you want to do is risk damaging your ostomy! Besides it never hurts to have a bit of expert advice when changing products as it could be revolutionary for your quality of life.

Have you tried any of the Coloplast products? If so what do you think of them?

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