Comfizz news that I have been so excited to share!

Comfizz news that I have been so excited to share!

Hello Comfizz reader,

It's Amy here! I hope you are well & that your week is going okay. If not, I'm sending some virtual hugs & encouraging vibes. I believe in you... You've got this!

After meeting Lorraine at Comfizz not long after my surgery in 2011, at a stoma roadshow, I've had the pleasure of getting to know more of the Comfizz team, use their products daily & also be a freelance blogger & content creator for them in the past few years, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. 

Comfizz products have been life-changing for me. Here I am, pictured below, 4 months after my operation which left me with my permanent ileostomy. In this time, I had already come on leaps & bounds in my confidence & what clothes I felt I could wear and were comfy to wear thanks to Comfizz Supportwear. I used, and still use, the level 1 10" waistband most days & wear the support briefs or thongs on other days when I want to wear support wear. 

Comfizz have been so supportive of my journey right from early post surgery days & I definitely see them like family to me. They're those people that you can go a while without seeing and miss so much then when you meet again and hug, it's like you were never apart & it brings me so much happiness.

Working with Comfizz as a Style Ambassador

As I've been building my confidence, learning all things stoma life & sharing my experiences along the way since 2011, I have always enjoyed helping others. I have built my Instagram following of just over 9,000 followers (how crazy is that?!) in 3 years to share my reality of living with a stoma and my day to day life.

Working with many people & a wide variety of companies has enabled me to meet incredible people & network with many inspirational people (with and without stomas) and I have taken part in campaign shoots, awareness campaigns, blogged for many companies to share my story and raise awareness and been to model castings for companies such as Swim Society, founded by the amazing Montana Brown, who pride themselves on celebrating and empowering every body, regardless of their shape or size or scars.

I've always said since even before my surgery that if I can help even just one person, then that makes what I've been through even more worthwhile. In the bad times, it gives me more of a reason to fight & to be vulnerable & share my the hope that sharing my truth helps others to share theirs or at least not feel as alone in theirs.

I entered a Comfizz competition to be in with the chance of being a Comfizz Style Ambassador a few years ago now & had an amazing photoshoot experience in August 2019 in Leeds. It was so much fun & I felt so comfy & happy in my own body. It felt so good to feel finally free & embrace the body that I have & also give something back to the company and people that have made such a difference in my recovery. This photo above is one of the many fantastic photos shot that day along with the other Comfizz Style Ambassadors on the shoot (pictured below).

Over the years, I have shared many outfit and stoma style tips through my blog posts and also stoma awareness and education posts. I have also discussed mental health and done posts for different social media holidays.

We're getting there...

You may be thinking "well, what is the news?! Don't leave me hanging!" Trust me... I will tell you very soon (sorry, I'm such a tease!) Some of you may know that alongside my freelance work, I have been working as an Accounts Assistant for several years, working with a variety of clients to help put their accounts together, manage their bookkeeping, VAT & payroll & help them with tax queries. I love where I live and my job enables me to mix with many people from many backgrounds, from city life to urban life, from urban life to rural life. I do love the countryside and I am partial to Agriculture and learning about it. 

My job within accounts has definitely enabled me to grow & develop as a person & learn so much. It has also driven me to believe in myself more & to take even more pride in what I do, especially when it feels so rewarding to help others.

THE news...

Lorraine & I have been catching up frequently over the years & it was in January this year that I got offered such an amazing opportunity by Lorraine & Nozar which I am now so delighted to be able to share with you!

Meet your new Comfizz Social Media & Marketing Specialist as from April 2022! I still can't believe this is even real, let alone that it's happening to me & I'm typing this. I'm looking forward to grasping this opportunity with both hands & moving into a new chapter of my career and life. It has been my ultimate dream to work with Comfizz and even just to blog for them and create content has been such an experience. I can't wait to see what our future brings!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates & you never know, we may speak at some point over Comfizz social media channels or otherwise! I am also going to be carrying on doing my own instagram, so if you'd like to chat over on there, please drop me a message on my profile.

Thank YOU for your support & also to my loved ones who have always believed in me & give me so much drive & determination every day. Also, the biggest THANK YOU to Comfizz... I can't wait to become a bigger part of the family and work with a team that has helped me in both the happiest & darkest times of my life.

Until next time (as a Comfizz employee - unbelievable!),



    Thank you so much Lorraine & Nozar for your lovely comments – it’s genuinely a great pleasure to be here & living my dream. Thank YOU for having me.

    Lynn – Thank you so much! I really hope we do! You are missed! :)

  • Lorraine Aikhanizadeh

    I would just like to add that we (Nozar & Lorraine Comfizz MDs) are so lucky to have you on board Amy. Your first week with us is in the bag and it’s been a blast, I can hardly keep up with you and all your great ideas. I have no doubts that your future is bright and am just happy that Comfizz is a part of it. Thanks for choosing to work with us XXX

  • Lynn Baker

    Good luck Amy in your new role. I am sure you will be amazing at it! Well done to Comfizz for harnessing your talent. You never know we may meet on another shoot again one day soon.
    Love Lynn x

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