This month I decided the next company we could highlight is Dansac which is actually the first ostomy bag make that I ever tried as it has some kind of sponsorship with my hospital. Now for me that actually wasn’t an issue because the Novalife bags supplied by Dansac were really good bags and I used them right up until I found the Peak Medical bags I now use.

 Dansac is quite a big company who have a range of products that are generally a good product for new ostomates as they don’t have many extra ingredients like vitamin E or aloe vera (all of which I react too) I think because of the size of the Novalife I got used to a midi size of bag and in a way that is a great thing because I have a high output stoma.

They have a newish bag – I say new it’s been out for a good while and it is the Novalife TRE which has a clear base plate so if you find that you are allergic to the brown ones this maybe worth a shot. It is a mini or at least the box my stoma care nurse gave me was mini in size and that is often preferred by people.

They have barrier seals that I know a few ostomates swear by as they are easy to apply and don’t irritate the skin. What I always liked about the seals from Dansac is some of them have the holes offset rather than just central and this helps if you have irritated skin on just one side rather than all round; they do this is the normal brown material plus the white TRE one.

They obviously do products for those with colostomies and urostomies as well as those of us with ileostomies. Do you or have you used products from Dansac? What were your thoughts.

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