Eczema and a Stoma

Eczema and a Stoma

I have to admit I am pretty darn lucky when it comes to my stoma I have very few issues with it; generally it is just trying to regulate my output as one day it can be so thick it pancakes or becomes incredibly watery. However I know it may pale in comparison to some of the skin issues some people suffer with but the patches of eczema that are under my base plate drive me crazy.
I have never really suffered with skin issues except dry skin and two random patches of eczema one under my breast and one behind the back of my knee. These are often itchy but are thankfully come and go, however the patches that turned up after a couple of months of having my stoma.

Generally speaking for your usual eczema you apply a topical treatment such as creams or ointment but they create a layer on top of your skin that can prevent the adhesive from sticking to your skin which is most definitely not what you want! I found that they were generally the only options my GP could offer so they suggested going to my stoma nurse as they have the specialist training.

So that’s what I did! My stoma nurse said that they often recommend a scalp treatment and other than the fact it stings to high heaven I do find that it helps and I go longer without needing to apply it. I had a few mishaps when working out how to apply it if I’m honest and that is down to the fact I didn’t ask how to do it and the instructions are for your scalp (obviously!) So at first I used to just put it directly on my skin which I didn’t feel like was the correct way due to the pain and my base plate didn’t stick well. Now the way I do it is by putting some of the liquid onto a dry wipe and dab it around the peristomal skin; sure it still stings but my bag sticks and really that’s the main thing.

Do you have eczema? Does it affect your stoma? What are your top tips for dealing with eczema and peristomal skin?

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