Flange Extenders

Flange Extenders

This week’s topic is on ostomy accessories. Have you ever heard of a flange or tape extender? Banana’s or boomerangs? They even go by the name of retention strips. No? Maybe? Or is it a hard and fast yes you have?

Well this little bit of kit can help you in a multitude of tight spots whilst out and about and this post is here to tell you about how I have used them and other people have told me in the past!

So what is a flange or tape extender? Well it is more often than not round and is a waterproof sealant or plaster if you will. So you pop them on top of your base plate to create a tighter seal and as the name suggests extends the adhesive contact on your skin. They can be a bit fiddly at first but once you have it down pat it doesn’t add much more time within your bag change at all. Also many different stoma companies provide flange extenders; some with added benefits like manuka honey in.


I usually have some of these in my emergency kit left over from when I used them frequently for example when I was pregnant or when my stoma journey was just beginning, I like to use them for:

  • patching up a leak
  • filling in where my base plate has popped up slightly
  • cutting a little off and popping it over sore areas of peristomal skin
  • covering the filter when I don’t have any stickers

Do you use flange extenders at all in your stoma care routine or is this the first time you have heard about them? Are they a regular spot golder or just an as and when is needed kind of item? I would love to hear how you use them!

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