Flu Jab is it Worth it?

Flu Jab is it Worth it?

There are a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to the flu jab and I just wanted to talk about how I have dealt with the flu jab this week and my reasons for having it.

I had my flu jab on Wednesday afternoon after waiting a few weeks to be able to be booked in; which since we are only a small area was quite surprising as when I have had it were I used to live it was quicker to get an appointment and that covered a much wider area.

Firstly I wanted to have the flu jab as I suffer really badly when I get a cold and can imagine I would be far worse if I got the flu! Thankfully I have never had the flu and I put this down to the fact most years I get it vaccine usually when I remember to book in. I have worked solely in care since I was 21 and that is also when I had my pan procolectomy; the care I work in has always been within the person I supports homes and when working in the community or in the extra care and support building I’m in now I would see many people during the course of a day. You can pick up viruses and bugs quite quickly in that sort of setting and you can easily pass things on to other vulnerable people.

I also have two small children and volunteer at Ra-Ra’s school; everybody knows that in childcare settings viruses are rife and if one kid gets something you can guarantee it will be passed on. With being immuno compromised I just really don’t want to take the risk to be honest.

So back to getting the vaccine; it was over surprisingly quickly and I barely felt anything unlike my B12 injections! I didn’t have an achey arm until about 18 hours after and then very quickly after the 24 hour mark my already sensitive joints became really darn painful to the point I went and had a bath to try and ease it. When I woke up this morning my arm is still tender but I have no extra joint pain than I would on any other given day – I have hypermobility and in this weather I feel it! I am very glad I got the flu jab and feel I am now over the worst of it which in reality what is a couple of days compared to a couple of weeks?

I would love to hear your reasons for and against the flu jab!

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