Mini, Midi and Maxi; not just Skirt Length!

Mini, Midi and Maxi; not just Skirt Length!

So most women who read this and possibly some men would associate the words “mini, midi and maxi” to be with the length of a skirt! Whilst you wouldn’t be wrong the words can also be associated with the size of ostomy appliances.

Most of us would automatically think that when it comes to bag sizes there are adult and children sizes but that just isn’t the case. Pretty much all ostomy appliance companies do three sizes as standard for ileostomies at least. These are:

  1. mini – the smallest size
  2. midi – the medium size
  3. maxi – the largest size

There are many different reasons why people would choose to wear different sizes at different times such as output frequency, clothing or preference.

I personally prefer to wear a maxi size as my output is quite a high frequency and I don’t want to be going to the toilet umpteen times a day especially since my ileostomy was to stop that! The midi ones I would wear depending on what I’m wearing since you can sometimes see the maxi bag spout through my clothes. The mini one would be if I wore a bikini that showed my stomach.

The above photo is the new Salts Healthcare convex Confidence BE that were released recently which is why I have all of the sizes as I requested samples. As you can see in reality there isn’t a great deal in it when it comes to the sizes but the main difference I feel is when you are actually wearing them.

What size appliance do you wear? Is there any particular reason behind why you wear the size you do?

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