My favourite ostomy “accessory”

My favourite ostomy “accessory”

You may remember me moaning about the term accessory on this blog (and other platforms) in the past as we all have different needs when it comes to caring for our ostomies. I just wanted to talk a little about my favourite “accessory” and I would love to hear what yours are! These sorts of posts can often help someone suffering with something that could be easily remedied by adding another step into their bag changing routine.

 Yes I have said it before and I will say it again the Peak Medical wedges are hands down the best thing I have in my supply kit. I used to like the Dansac seals before I found these little bad boys and I know for many people finding the right seal literally remedies many of their issues (obviously and sadly not all of them).

I particularly like these because rather than chopping up a circular seal these are already cut into little triangles (they come in narrow and wide) and I can just dot them around my problem areas. When I say problem areas for me that means:

  • dips
  • creases
  • “raw” skin areas
  • patches of eczema under my base plate

My stoma often looks like a star by the time I am finished with it but for me it amuses me more as my stoma is actually sited where I had the outline of a star tattoo (in fact my first ever tattoo paid for by my best friend who actually is now a tattoo artist herself)

As much as I found the ring seals helpful and beneficial to my peristomal skin I often struggled with the simple knack of getting them to stick to my abdomen rather than my fingers! I also couldn’t get the hang of sticking it to the base plate itself so you are only having one placement where you have to pay more attention to getting it right.

What item or items do you find really make your life with an ostomy easier? I would love to hear about it and you never know you may help someone who is having a hard time finding a simple enough solution to their problems.

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